JuVaShape Ultra Technology

Unleash the power of two superior technologies in one platform with the most powerful and effective Body Contouring & Skin Rejuvenating Treatment yet! With the JuVaShape Ultra the patented technology using the combination of Focused Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic Waves, fat cells are melted away and skin is tightened all in one convenient, safe and comfortable treatment.

JuVaShape is the Next Generation from Award Winning Alma Lasers to lift, firm and reshape.

What makes the JuVaShape different:

  • Improvement of acne scars and stretch mark
  • Deepest Heating Technology
  • Safe, Comfortable, Effective
  • Focused Concentrated Energy
  • Result Driven Treatments
  • Highest Peak Power on the Market
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Safety (Health Canada and the FDA Approved)

Other Benefits:

  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • Pain-Free Treatment
  • Treats all skin types and ethnicities

For Skin Tightening and Youth Recreation:

  • Dramatically increased collagen production and repair (the secret to a youthful appearance).
  • Fills wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Speeds the body’s cellular turnover rate.

For Body Contouring and Reshaping:

  • Lose volume and circumference in just 6-8 treatments.
  • Reshaped body volume-fills and lifts areas that sag with age.
  • Corrects tummy, thigh and hip cellulite.
  • Deep lymphatic drainage has instant slimming effects.
  • Results (lost inches) are measurable with no downtime, side-effects or discomfort.

 For Fat Reduction:

  • Targets and melts fat cells in problematic fatty areas with each session

Experience the difference with JuVaShape.
Reshape your Life Lines.




If you’re interested in learning more about Non-Surgical Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction, and all of the other treatments available with the JuVaShape Ultra, contact Laserlicious Inc at 647-409-0089 for a consultation.